Where will my listing go on the web?

Where does it go?

Your local MLS will syndicate to the sites shown on this page and many more! Some of the sites are in a constant state of change and their content is beyond our control. Zillow.com is the best example as many MLS systems no longer syndicate to Zillow and Zillow no longer allows manual input of listings by Realtors.

Most sites are constant and reliable. These sites download from your local MLS, at different times, and in different areas. Some are others are fast. If you don’t see your property on your favorite site, please check back in several hours. Please note, we have very limited control over the content within these sites. Websites pull listing information, as permitted by the local MLS & Board of Realtors. The Resource Group, LLC does not have control over the rules and regulations of these entities – rules and regulations are subject to change at any time.

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